Leon (Bud) Cohan has been an adjunct instructor in the Logistics Department for the past ten years where he teaches a variety of supply chain management electives. Bud was instrumental in writing the department’s grant request for Project EAGLE. Upon retirement from the Marines, Bud held various positions with area logistics/distribution companies and retired from Marzettis & Co. Bud is a three-time winner of Handling & Shipping Management magazine’s Annual Physical Distribution Prize Paper Contest. He was a speaker at WERC’s Eighth Annual Conference as well as the author of two WERC technical papers. Most recently, Bud authored, Lift Truck Fleet Management & Operator Training (International Thomson Transport Press) and has contributed to several warehousing texts. Bud has a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from The Ohio State University.
550 East Spring Street Columbus, Ohio 43215, USA
1.800.621.6407 (Within the U.S.)