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TV Studio

All services are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. We ask that a consultation and planning session be arranged in advance of all events. Call Nick Cenci at 287-2497 to reserve time and plan events.

The Columbus State Community College TV Studio is located in room 021 on the ground floor of the ERC. The studio is available by appointment during regular ERC hours of operation. The 40’ x 60’ room is a multi-purpose space used for:

Instructional Support

As an instructional support facility, the TV Studio is equipped with two cameras, switcher, full studio lighting, interview set, microphones, podium presentation area and a separate control room. Technicians are available to assist you. Record in private or while an audience or class of up to forty people may be comfortably seated. Tapings and events may only be arranged by faculty, staff and administrators. Student productions are not done at this facility.

Satellite Downlinks

The studio is equipped to downlink Ku and C band signals. We cannot send signals, or uplink, from the campus at this time. An outside phone line is available for call-in and two-way interaction. Thirty people can be comfortably seated with tables, fifty without tables, or the program may be taped for viewing at a later time.

Executive Meetings and Special Events

The size of the room makes it an ideal space for smaller presentations such as poetry readings, theater rehearsals and meetings that require tables and space for work groups. Tables and chairs are available, as well as an LCD projector and screen, podium and overhead projector.



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