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Policies and Procedures

Media Services requires a 24­hour notice for all equipment requests; the policy is located in full below or click here. Please help us maintain a productive and efficient environment in which to meet the needs of the Columbus State Community College faculty, staff, and administration.





EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES CENTER (ERC) Effective April 15, 2006 SERVICES AND OPERATIONS Procedure No. 5-14 (A) Page 1 of (1) A handbook describing the complete services of the Educational Resources Center (ERC) is available upon request at the Circulation Desk.

(2) Most library and OhioLINK items (primarily books) circulate in accordance with OhioLINK procedures. Audiovisual materials and other unique items from OhioLINK circulate in accordance with OhioLINK procedures. Certain Library and Audiovisual items do not circulate to all categories of users.

(3) The normal circulation period for some of the library collection may be adjusted to meet faculty and staff needs. Periodic overdue notices are sent out to all borrowers who do not return materials before the due date. For those administrators, faculty, and staff members who abuse the flexibility of the circulation period, an additional memo is sent to the individual with copies to the Chairperson, Dean, or immediate supervisor.

(4) Faculty and staff are able to order materials for the cataloged collection. Each instructional department is allotted a portion of the ERC budget to purchase supplemental materials. In order to request materials for the collection, a new materials request form is filled out, singed by the chairperson, and forwarded to the ERC. Requests from other departments are to be signed by the cost center manager and forwarded to the ERC Director.

(5) Audiovisual equipment is available for use by faculty, staff, and administrators with a valid Columbus State Community College ID. All requests for audiovisual (A/V) use must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability. Use of A/V equipment is for college-related activity only.

(6) All students, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the Board of Trustees must present a valid picture ID (Columbus State Community College ID, Driverís License, passport, etc.) to obtain their library card/library account number. An individual account is activated upon verification of enrollment or employment. A valid picture ID and the library account number must be presented to library staff in order to check out materials. These individuals may use their library card/library account number for access to online resources.

(7) All Columbus State Community College library cards/library account numbers expire at the end of every academic quarter. Individual accounts are reactivated upon verification of enrollment or employment or continued viable need for the library services.

(8) The supervisor of circulation services may suspend borrowing privileges from any person abusing the circulation system.

(9) The following procedure applies to those individuals who are not students, faculty, staff, administrators, or members of the Board of Trustees and wish to use the library services provided by the ERC.

(a) Students, faculty, and staff of OhioLINK institutions must present a valid picture ID and any other Library card or library account number that the home institution requires for check-out.

(b) Columbus State Community College Alumni will be issued a library courtesy card by the supervisor of circulation services. The courtesy card will allow them to check out Columbus State library materials, but it does not afford them access to online databases or OhioLINK borrowing. Courtesy cards must be renewed each quarter.

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