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Contract Fact Sheet (Spring semester pay dates)
Leave Request Form (Submit to Chair following sick leave)
Substitute Pay Form (Completed by sub. You locate sub with help of department)
Employment Benefits Summary (Discounts and opportunities)

New Adjunct? Take the next three steps:

1. Complete new hire forms

All new hire forms must be turned in to Human Resources before you can receive your employee ("Cougar") ID, computer system password ("Novell Log-in"). Questions? Call Amy Burns (287-5381) if you are in Career and Technical programs and Julie VanWynsberge (287-5607) if you are in Arts and Sciences. See Tip Sheet for completing new hire forms. If you have not yet have a Cougar ID or Novell log-in information please inquire with your department chairperson or human resources at 287-2408. This information will be emailed to you at your personal email address. You may need to check your spam folder.

2. Participate in Faculty Orientation

Beginning with Spring 2014 faculty orientation will be fully online. Register to participate in an orientation covering the basic requirements and practices for teaching at Columbus State. For new adjuncts (excluding current staff teaching COLS), completing this work earns you four hours at the current meeting pay rate ($23.73/hr). Go to the orientation page to complete the self-paced orientation by January 31st, 2014. After computer credentials are generated for the majority of new adjuncts, you will receive an email notice to log in to Blackboard (our course management system) and complete quizzes to verify you viewed the material. (Expect this on or after January 6th). So please register to receive the notice!

Faculty orientation will introduce you to campus resources and processes that will help you and your students be successful at Columbus State. These include:

  • Syllabus Requirements
  • Academic reporting requirements
  • Evaluation of teaching
  • Student information & privacy
  • Classroom conduct
  • Student support services
  • Faculty support services

3. Introduction to Blackboard (Optional)

These classes will help you quickly get started using the college's course management system. All courses have an online space (often called a "shell") available in Blackboard.. Even if you are not teaching an online course you can use Blackboard to share materials, communicate with students and even post and grade assignments or quizzes. This course will get you started by covering:

  • How to navigate the Blackboard portal and class shell.
  • How to setup/customize a new Blackboard course shell.
  • How to post/modify/delete an announcement.
  • How to add a course syllabus to a course shell.
  • How to create folders for separating content.
  • How to use the online grade book.

You can view the available online or in-person classes here.Currently there is no additional compensation for Blackboard training.