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Faculty On-Boarding and Renewal

Whether you are new or veteran faculty you can participate in "Faculty On-Boarding and Renewal." Academic On-boarding is a series of discussions to allow new and veteran faculty to share ideas to improve their teaching. Faculty in their first year will have the first opportunity to register then the sessions will be opened to all. (Attendance at on-boarding is optional but encouragesd as it may be valuable to your acclimation to Columbus State and ongoing professional development.)



Date and Registration

What the Best College Teachers Do

(Sept & Mar)

A discussion with Distinguished Teaching Award winners (in September) and Distinguished Full Professor Award winners (in May). What are qualities of excellent teaching? What goes into being a leader among your peers? These role models invite you to join in a conversation about being the best teacher and faculty you can be.

September 21, 1pm

Friday, March 22nd 1pm

Build a student success story

(Oct & Apr)

Participants build a student profile from a collection of variables that are often obstacles to learning for our students. Then participants share their ideas and experiences supporting students with these characteristics. Learn about the unique challenges for first generation college students. Traci Haynes, Interim Chairperson for Psychology will facilitate.

 October 19th, 1pm

April 19th, 1pm

Conflict and Power in the Classroom

(Nov & May)

Befuddled by inappropriate student behavior in your classroom? Looking for strategies to diffuse and redirect bad behavior toward a focus on the class discussion? Carolyn Kaufman, Associate Professor of Psychology will share how to understand and respond to challenging students.

 November 15th, 1pm

May 23rd, 1pm

Cultural Competency

(Jan & June)

Columbus State is a remarkably diverse community. Differences in culture and experience effect how students learn. Their expectations for how to behave, study and communicate may not be what you expect. Kim Brazwell, Manager of Diversity Initiatives, and Tywan Banks, Instructor in Multicompetency Health, help us and understand and respect that diversity.

 January 18th, 1pm

June 21st, 1pm

Assessment for Learning

(Feb & July)

Assessing student learning can lead to improving how we teach. But what assessment techniques work best and how do we gather and use data to document our effectiveness or improvement? Veteran faculty will share strategies for effective assessment.

 February 15th 1pm

July 12th, 1pm

(None in December and August)