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Adjunct Faculty Orientation Resources

Below are handouts and resources shared at Adjunct Orientation.

   Student Support

Disability Services 287-2570
Disabilty Services Presentation (PDF)
Disabilty Services Scenarios

The following forms shared at orientation can be found on the Diability Services forms page

  • Disability Services Information Sheet (For Students)
  • Disability Services Test Administration Request
  • Accommodation Request Form

Academic Advising 287-2668

Tutoring Options (PDF)

Counseling Services
Counseling Services Presentation

Financial Aid 287-2648

Classroom Management

Classroom Incident Report Form

Switch to Semesters Information for students

Switch to Semesters Information for faculty & staff (on campus intranet only)

Adjunct Employment

Discrimination and Harassment FAQs
Adjunct Guide to Contracts and Other Forms of Pay
Leave Request Form
Substitute Pay Form
Benefits Summary
Option to Purchase Medical Insurance: Contact Veronica at Patriot Health directly by calling 1-866-625-1836, ext. 189
Options for 403b (retirement) plans


Technical Training and Support

Computer training and online tutorials:
Instructional Technologies Institute 287-5667

Blackboard Support, Online Course Design. Multimedia Productioon
Instructional Technologies & Distance Learning 287-5991

AV equipment, Laptop Check out, CD & DVD duplication
Contact Media Service via the Media Services web page or call the IT Help Desk at 287-5050

Log in, PC and software questions, voice mail & phone issues
IT Help Desk 287-5050

On Campus WiFi Access

Email and Storage

     Other Support

Library 287-2460
(Assignment Design using library resources, general and customized orientations for students,
journal and media resources, copyright clearance & information)

Testing Center 287- 2478 (Proctored exams for distance learning and make-up exams)

Public Safety 287-2525

Physical Plant 287-5444 (to report issues related to campus buildings and facilities)

Print Shop 287-5189
(See print request form in handouts, see department for account number. Typically allow three business days.)

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