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GED Preparation Courses

Our Program

Our program helps students prepare for the GED® test, and builds skills that they need to succeed in college and the workplace. We are committed to teaching to each student, rather than using the “one size fits all” approach used by many other programs.

We offer:

  • Classroom instruction in math and language arts
  • Small class sizes ensure individualized attention
  • College enrollment information and assistance
  • Academic advising to help you plan for the future
  • Preparation for the GED® Test
  • Assistance with COMPASS test
  • Basic writing, reading, and math skills to improve workplace success
  • For more information, download our GED brochure

Our Classes

All of our classes are taught by experienced instructors trained in adult education, who have a passion for teaching.

More details:

  • GED Prep classes meet twice a week, for two hours each, for eight weeks.
  • Language Arts classes provide instruction in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Math classes are designed to build skill in number functions, multi-step word problems, and beginning algebra and geometry.
  • Midterm and final progress reports for each class.

Our Students 

Classes in the GED Preparation Program are designed for students who are 17* or older and are:

  • Working towards earning a GED.
  • Preparing for college-level coursework.
  • Building literacy and math skills to open up career opportunities.
  • Working to improve their math and literacy skills for personal enrichment.

NOTE: Anyone under the age of 19 who is registering for classes must provide emergency contact information.

*The Ohio GED testing program requires all test-takers under the age of 19 to submit additional paperwork to be eligible to take the exam. Details and copies of the forms are available at the following web address:

Student Services

We want our students to know that we care about them, so we offer:

  • Academic planning
  • Information about College Financial Aid
  • Assistance with Transition to College