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Providence Glen

Providence Glen is a community-based afterschool program serving about 35 Somali children and their families. Providence Glen has been serving its community since about 2005 with the support of Ohio Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants. The students of Providence Glen range from 2nd – 5th grade and attend about seven different schools including some with Columbus City School District and community based charter schools.

A DAY IN A LIFE of a Providence Glen Participant

Providence Glen Participant  

Providence Glen operates two sessions (3-5pm and 5-7pm) and students attend based on their arrival times from school. A meal is served daily at 5 o'clock provided by our partners at Children's Hunger Alliance. This allows for some much needed down time after their school day. Dinner is also a time for the teachers to engage students in lessons that go beyond academics. The students work together to prepare the room for dinner and the staff uses dinnertime to encourage manners and mutual respect; socializing is an important part of the dinner routine. Providence Glen staff encourages students to help each other and work together to solve problems.

Homework help and providing time for math and reading enrichment are primary objectives of the program at Providence Glen. Students are divided into groups consisting of 5-7 students based on their reading/academic level. Each group spends 40 minutes at a homework table and then rotates to either a Math or Reading enrichment table for another 40 minute session. This allows for each student to have 2 days of math enrichment as well as 2 days of reading enrichment activities. After homework is complete and before moving to a math or reading table, students may choose an individual activity or read a book of choice. During the group math and reading activities, teachers spend time with the students focusing on areas where there may be academic achievement gaps. Daily communication with many great partners at the feeder schools assists teachers at Providence Glen to better identify each student's needs. When weather permits, students enjoy exciting games in the outdoors. At the end of each session, students are walked, by teachers to their respective homes.

In addition to the school year, Columbus State's ESLAsC program at Providence Glen provides a 6-8 week summer enrichment program. A summer program provides us the time to work with the students in a more engaged manner. For example, in the summer of 2012 ESLAsC at Providence Glen received a supplemental grant from Dollar General and developed a partnership with Columbus Metropolitan Library which allowed us to provide more opportunities to the students at Providence Glen. The summer was spent concentrating on below grade level readers and increasing their excitement for reading. The focused summer reading program showed great outcomes with 100% of the students either maintaining their end of school year reading levels or showing an increase.

The best thing about the Providence Glen afterschool program is watching the students grow and seeing their excitement every day. The program contributes to the students' academic success and provides a boost in self confidence from achieving goals they may have once found difficult to reach.

Providence Glen Participant

Providence Glen Afterschool Program
Brianne Manczak
Program Coordinator
PH: 614-287-3931
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