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Summer 2017
Fall 2017

Columbus State’s ESL Afterschool Communities (ESLAsC) program at Stiles is supported by a 3-year Ohio Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant. It is located at Stiles Elementary School in the South-Western City school district. The program serves students in 2nd through 4th grade.

ESLAsC's 3 key objectives for the program are:
     • academic enrichment, Stiles 1
     • youth development, and
     • family supportive services and engagement.

These three key objectives are addressed throughout the year and individualized to meet the student and family needs.

One of our main objectives, academic enrichment, is aimed to improve all areas of academic achievement, but with a focus on reading and math. Our students use many on-site tools to help increase their math and reading skill, specifically during a power hour where students and tutors hone in on struggling areas. During the hour students are building vocabulary, reading, writing, and building on basic math skills. Our site implements math intervention through "Do the Math" and also has a leveled library where students can choose from a variety of texts.

In addition, the students attend a variety of field trips that expose them to an array of youth development programming.

Our program not only offers in-school resources, but also out of school resources to parents. Parents are offered a link to school workshops offered by local offices, adult ESL classes, and community resources. We provide a valuable connection between the school and parents Stiles 3since we communicate daily with both sides and provide interpreting services when needed.

Columbus State's ESLAsC at Stiles specifically partners with South-Western City Schools (SWCS). SWCS provides the space for the programming and also partners with parent workshops and activities. A classroom teacher delivers daily, direct instruction to the students afterschool. The teacher gives consistent support to what the students are learning in school. Our staff is in the school classrooms weekly, or is in constant contact with teachers and administrators through e-mail. We have made it a priority to keeping the communication channel open from school to home. We continue to strive to maintain a safe, caring, learning environment for our students and their families.

We look forward to continually serving the ESL students of Stiles! 

Stiles Afterschool Program

Laurie MooneyStiles 1
Program Coordinator
PH: 614-287-5336
FAX: 614-287-3995

Jamie Carlisle
Site Specialist
PH: 614-287-3931
FAX: 614-287-3995