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Summer 2017
Fall 2017

Columbus State's ESL Afterschool Communities (ESLAsC) program at Southpark is supported by a 5-year Ohio Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. It is located at the Southpark Apartments in Franklinton. The program serves ESL students in 2nd through 5th grade from 8 different Columbus City Elementary Schools.

Academic Achievement

One of our main objectives is for students to improve in all areas of academic achievement but specifically reading and math. We do this in a variety of ways each day. Students get help completing their classroom homework and then can choose from a variety of games like sight word bingo or beat the clock math practice SP 1during Power Hour. Each day students read a book by themselves, with a tutor or volunteer, or with a friend from our vast leveled library. We have teachers from our feeder schools come to program each day and pull out small groups of students for individual instruction. Students participate in science experiments, social studies, and math lessons as well as interactive, educational games on iPads. All of these tools are utilized to successfully increase students' math and reading skills. Tutors volunteer regularly in students' classrooms which allow us to work closely with their schools and teachers. Building this relationship between our program and Columbus City Schools has proven to be vital to students' academic success.

Youth Development

Youth Development is a key component to our afterschool program. We play large group games at the beginning of program which provides opportunities to talk about teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity. We work life lessons into program hours by discussing respect and responsibility with our students. We provide opportunities for students to build leadership skills by taking on special tasks and roles during program hours. We also take students on many field trips during the year which allows them different and new experiences. Through many avenues of youth development we are committed to empowering students to make positive behavior and lifestyle choices.

Family Engagement

As we get to know the Southpark community we strive to serve parents and families in addition to our students. We facilitate and partner with community organizations to offer services for Southpark families, parent workshops, andSP 2 Adult Basic English classes. We provide an important connection through which information flows between schools and parents as we communicate regularly with both and provide interpreting services when necessary. We have gotten to know many Southpark families through home visits and fun outreach events.

We look forward to serving our Southpark students and families for many years to come!

Southpark Afterschool Program

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