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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take college classes without leaving high school. Unlike the PSEO Program, through which students take college-level degree-oriented classes on one of our campuses or at one of our regional learning centers, you take Dual Enrollment classes in your regular school with high school teachers who are certified to teach the course.

That means students don't have to travel, and college-level courses fit more easily into a busy high school schedule. Also, you are taking classes in a familiar environment.

Dual Enrollment programs are designed for high school juniors and seniors. Exceptional students in the 9th or 10th grade may apply for the program but must meet the same admission requirements as older students. Participating students must have a 2.75 GPA and demonstrate college readiness through either submission of ACT scores and/or take the COMPASS placement test (select Dual Enrollment Courses to the right and scroll to the bottom for specific Dual Enrollment Course requirements).

How do I apply?

Students must complete the online Columbus State Community College Application first; be sure to select that you are a Dual Enrollment Student. Your teacher or guidance counselor will have additional paperwork for you to complete for admission into the program.

Check out Dual Enrollment Student Orientation

Are Dual Enrollment courses more difficult than high school courses?

Yes, Dual Enrollment courses are college courses, so you will be working at college level, which is more rigorous. Students must pass college-level assessments to receive credit for the courses.

Do Dual Enrollment courses transfer to other colleges?

Courses approved by the Ohio Board of Regents' Articulation & Transfer Policy are guaranteed to transfer to any Ohio public college or university. Private or out-of-state schools may review each course and determine if it will be accepted as transfer credit.