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Colleague Terms & Definitions



Colleague is an Enterprise Resource Planning System, created by Datatel, in which business functions are fully integrated thereby improving departmental workflows, business processes, productivity, and efficiency across our institution. 

Colleague Administrator

The Colleague Administrator is an Information Technology employee who manages the Colleague system for Columbus State Community College.  The Colleague Administrator is responsible for granting access to the Colleague system based on security class, updating changes in the Colleague Training Test accounts, granting changes in access in collaboration with the Module Custodians and terminating employee access to the Colleague system.


Colleague Quality Assurance Program (CQAP)

The CQAP is a program designed to provide access to the colleague system for employees who utilize colleague to complete their work responsibilities.  Employees are assigned access based on their security class.  Employees are required to complete colleague training based on the security assigned to them. 


Employment Services (ES) Representative

A Human Resource Employment Services Representative is assigned to a particular department and/or division.  The ES Representative works with employees and supervisors to ensure compliance with college procedures.


Functional Expert (FE) / Trainer

A FE is a trainer with expertise in a particular colleague module.  The FE provides training for employees as well as support to the Module custodians with patches, tests, upgrades, etc. for the colleague system.  Functional Experts are responsible for determining mastery level of course participants.


Module Custodian

A Module Custodian is an administrator responsible for maintenance of a particular colleague module.  The Module Custodian selects persons qualified to serve as FE’s.  Module custodians are responsible for the approval of all course content.


Human Capacity Development Coordinator

The Human Resources Program Coordinator is responsible for the development of a training structure for the CQAP.  The Training Coordinator communicates the training schedule and course completion to employees, supervisors, FE’s, Module Custodians, ES Representatives and Human Resources Administration.