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We Can Support You

The Victim Advocates are here for you. We can assist any student, staff, or faculty member at Columbus State who is experiencing the impact of gender-based violence or abuse.
We provide:

  • Empowerment
  • Options
  • Resources
  • Help
  • Information
  • Hope

For survivors, co-survivors, or anyone who may be concerned about someone else, we can meet to talk about how to begin or continue on the path of recovery from difficult events. We are not a confidential resource—we work with other college administrators and staff to ensure the safety of you and the entire community—but we are able to get you connected with confidential resources if desired.

Some examples of ways we can work you include:

  • Explaining the reporting options and processes to you
  • Providing support during reporting
  • Serving as an adviser during any conduct meetings
  • Connecting you with local and state resources
  • Offering information about what to expect if you decide to go to the hospital
  • Working with the Office of Student Conduct to get a no-contact order in place
  • Helping you with safety planning and other safety considerations
  • Spreading knowledge and awareness about gender-based violence

We can tailor what we do to what you need. Our guiding concept of advocacy is doing whatever we can to help you feel like you have control of your life.

If you are witnessing or experiencing any emergency, Call 911. The Police Department can be contacted from any campus telephone by dialing Ext. 2525, or from any public or off-campus telephone by dialing (614) 287-2525.