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Below are some available smartphone compatible applications that may be helpful to assess safety, make plans, help friends, and get support. All are free and available for download on most Android and iOS devices. Please know that in addition to these resources, you also have the victim advocates at CSCC. You can click on the app's name to be directed to the website/download link.



A Victim Information App To Ohio Resources, was created through a partnership between Family Services and the University of Dayton Research Institute. We are proud to provide this free app to our community. We hope you will find it to be a valuable resource.

RU Safe?

Is someone you know trapped in an abusive relationship? Are you trying to find a safe place nearby, but don't know how?

Download RUSafe to find the hope and the help you need.

Detecting Signs of Domestic Violence
RUSafe is a free interactive app for iOS and Android devices that assesses the potential for domestic violence and harm in a dangerous relationship. By answering a few simple questions about the relationship, RUSafe helps you understand the possible threats you may face and connects you with nearby emergency shelters and domestic violence hotlines using GPS technology.

Built on the Danger Assessment system, which draws upon the lives and experiences of hundreds of domestic abuse survivors, RUSafe can identify key signals of intimate partner violence to help you act before it's too late.

One Love/My Plan

The danger level of a relationship can be difficult to assess. The My Plan App helps people and their friends to determine if a relationship is unsafe and create an action plan to leave safely.

The app is designed to easily deliver life-saving information when it is needed. Making accessible 20 years of research on female victims of relationship violence conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers, Dr. Jackie Campbell and Dr. Nancy Glass, My Plan walks female survivors and their friends step by step to safety.