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Behavioral Intervention Team

Concerning Behavioral or Mental Health Issues

Concerns regarding threats of harm to our campus community and/or mental health issues can come from students, employees (faculty, staff, administrators), AND third-parties.  It is important to respond to all concerning behavior, including examples such as:

  • Threats of harm (direct or indirect) or physical violence
  • Classroom disruption leading to student removal from class or requiring police intervention
  • Intoxication/impairment that impacts the learning or work environment
  • Behaviors presenting as possible psychological issues
  • Any mention of suicide or other self-injurious activity (i.e. cutting)
  • Sexual harassment/sexual assault
  • Writing or discussing violence, weapons, harm to others

Columbus State has a Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.) to respond to concerning behavior in a timely manner. For immediate 24-7 assistance and crisis response, call the Police Department at 614-287-2525 or dial 911. For emergencies at the Delaware Campus, please call the Delaware County Sheriff at 740-833-2800.  In non-emergency situations, you may fill out an online incident report or call or email a member of the BIT:

  • Terrence Brooks, Student Conduct, Center for Workforce Development 1099, 614-287-2815
  • Dr. Ameena Kemavor, Counseling Services, Nestor 010, 614-287-2818
  • Tiffany McClain, Disability Services, Eibling 101, 614-287-2571
  • Joan Cook, HR/Equity and Compliance  SX 135, 614-287-2636,
  • Officer Jeff Dodge, Columbus State Police Department Delaware Hall 047, 614-287-2525,

They will coordinate a team response to the issue and keep you informed. This may include interim suspension and removal from class and/or campus until the threat can be assessed. Please also inform your chairperson or supervisor of any ongoing issues.

* For Regional Learning Centers: Please call 911 and local police will respond to the emergency. They will notify Columbus State Police, who will coordinate a response and contact the B.I.T. The site coordinator at each off-campus center can also help with reporting any non-emergency issues.

If you have general concerns about an individual's behavior, please contact a member of the B.I.T. to consult as early as possible. No issue is too small to be recognized. If you feel threatened, trust your instincts and notify someone – if you see or feel something, say something.

BIT  Brochure and flowchart

RAVE Guardian System

Columbus State community members should register with our RAVE alert system, which allows the College to send text and email alerts for major campus issues (weather closings, power outages, campus emergencies). The RAVE system also has a Virtual Escort feature and a tip line. For more information, visit RAVE Text Message Alerts.