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Parking Tips

Parking Tips

Peak time - Be prepared to park in the outer lots around campus due to proximity lots filling at peak times, Monday through Thursday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Parking - Read lot signs to ensure you are in the proper lot. Red signs indicate student parking, Blue signs indicate employee parking.

Overflow parking lots - Additional parking on the Columbus campus is available in Lot 28 on Mt. Vernon Avenue, just west of Cleveland Avenue, and Lot 32 (on the east side of the parking garage).

Columbus State Police - Remember to abide by college policies, local, state, and federal laws. CSCC Police are Ohio Certified Law Enforcement Officers empowered to enforce college policies, traffic, and criminal laws. They also stand ready to assist you when needed.

Prevent theft - Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle. Trunk storage is best. Lock your doors and roll up the windows.

Report crimes – If you see anything suspicious contact the CSCC Police Department at 614-287-2525 and 911 for emergencies.

Lot closings - Special events, construction, or emergencies could close CSCC parking lots at any time. Lot closures and the latest parking and traffic updates may be posted on Twitter @cscc_parking.

Motorcycles – Valid CSCC parking permit is required for motorcycles. Permits should be obtained following the guidelines for student and employee parking permit requirements. Keep the parking permit with you to provide proof of a valid permit if requested by CSCC Police.

Overnight parking – Any vehicle parked in a CSCC controlled parking lot after campus is closed must have authorization from CSCC Police at (614) 287-2525. Failure to receive pre-authorization may result in a citation. Vehicle must display a valid CSCC permit.

Parking permit ordered, not received – Call the Telephone Information Center (TIC) 614-287-5353 and inquire if anything has prevented your permit from processing. When permit processing is confirmed, the Police Department Communications Center in Delaware Hall can issue a temporary hang tag, in person, until your permit arrives. Most permits will be received prior to the start of the semester if ordered at least (2) two weeks before the semester starts. If you are issued a temporary hang tag, hang it on the rear-view mirror with the information facing the front windshield. If the temporary hang tag expires before the permit arrives, stop by the Police Department Communications Center in Delaware Hall to request another temporary permit. At the Delaware campus, temporary parking permits may be obtained by calling Public Safety (740-203-8083) and requesting a temporary hang tag.

Register more than one vehicle – Only one permit per student or employee is permitted. You can physically transfer permits from vehicle to vehicle (plastic permit holders are available at the DX Bookstore). Permits may NOT be shared with other students or employees.

Rental or non-registered second car – Physically transfer your CSCC permit to that vehicle. If you are unable to physically transfer your permit, the Police Department Communications Center in Delaware Hall at the Columbus campus can issue you a temporary hang tag, at the Delaware campus, call Public Safety from the front desk at 740-203-8083 for a temporary hang tag. Plastic permit holders are available for purchase in the Bookstore. Display the permit in the front windshield, driver’s side, inside the car. Permit must be displayed IN PLAIN VIEW so ALL information (permit number, expiration date, etc.) is clearly visible from outside the car. Visitor permits and visitor parking may NOT be used by students or employees at any time. Citations may be issued.