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Citations / Appeals / Fines

Citations / Appeals / Fines

Pay Fines

Pay fines online


Appeal information is posted on the back of parking citations. A citation may be appealed if the recipient feels the citation was unjustified. Appeals must be submitted online within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the ticket. You will be notified of the results through an email to your CSCC email account. If your appeal is granted, an adjustment will be posted to your account. All decisions of the appeals process are final.

Appeal Fines Online

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Fine

Your fine should be paid within 30 days – contact the Cashier’s office to pay the citation fine. Collection of parking fines follows the Cashiers and Student Account procedures under “Collection of Past Due Balances” which can be found in the college catalog.

1) Your student account may be blocked.

2) All unpaid accounts for students, employees, or visitors are forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General for collection per the procedures outlined in the college catalog.

Unregistered Vehicle No valid permit issued to the vehicle. Vehicles parked on CSCC property are required to have a valid CSCC parking permit displayed unless the vehicle is driven by a visitor and is parked in a designated visitor space including paid meters designated for visitor parking. $100.00
Failure to Display Valid Permit Vehicles with valid permits are required to have them displayed in plain view. $35.00
Obstructing/Prohibited Parking Vehicles parked or standing that block the safe flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes vehicles parked outside designated spaces or parked in two or more spaces, fire lanes, yellow zones, or other areas posted as no parking. $100.00
Parked in Restricted Zone Vehicles parked or standing in spaces or lots outside their permitted zones. This violation applies to students, faculty, and associates who park in improper zones, or areas posted as reserved, restricted, for specific vehicles, or visitor spaces. $50.00
Unauthorized Use of Permit Improper use, illegal sale or transfer of, alteration or reproduction of a CSCC parking permit. This includes parking with a CSCC permit for purposes unrelated to CSCC business -- classes, work, or events. All parties involved are subject to fines and possible disciplinary action. $100.00
Expired Meter Visitor vehicles parked at expired meters. This will also apply to students, faculty, and associates who improperly park at visitor meters which may also result in a citation for Parked in Restricted Zone. $20.00
Unauthorized Overnight Parking Any vehicle parked in a CSCC controlled parking lot after campus is closed must have authorization from CSCC Police at (614) 287-2525. Failure to receive pre-authorization may result in a citation. Vehicle must display a valid CSCC permit. $100.00
. All State of Ohio Citations including handicap and traffic citations will be handled by the municipal courts not CSCC Up to $500