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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

What do you get when you combine the insight of TED Talks, the creativity of Pecha Kucha, and an amazing DJ? You get The Next Big Thing

What is The Next Big Thing?

The Next Big Thing (TNBT) is an event where presenters, within creative constraints, share an idea, story, or vision on a theme. The goal is to instigate creative thinking and conversation that carries on beyond the event itself.

What are the “Creative Constraints?”

This is modeled after Pecha Kucha and Ignite, two international programs where local affiliates host a presentation event. They each use similar presentation constraints such as those we use: a presenter has to use 20 slides lasting 15 seconds each, a total of five minutes. The challenge is to be concise, energetic and use visuals well. (Our format is the same as Ignite. See this fun how-to video from Ignite for inspiration)

Who organizes The Next Big Thing?

TNBT is a partnership between the Columbus State departments of Human Capacity Development, Instructional Technology and Distance Learning and Diversity and Study Abroad Programs.

Does the audience get to participate?

There will be opportunity to mingle and discuss ideas at the event. Depending on the venue, there may even be via white boards and post-its for impromptu brainstorming and mind maps. Presentations will be archived online so you pick up the conversation via social media.