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Mentorship Program

Online Mentor Program

One obstacle for first generation students is that a lack of academic experience in their family leads to having to navigate through college "alone."

GOT Online Mentors can help point you in the right direction.  As a first generation student, you can sign up for an online mentor.  Once connected, you can feel free to ask your mentor via email any questions you may have about being a college student.  Further, your GOT Online Mentor will be your advocate while you are at Columbus State. 

To sign up for a GOT Online Mentor or to learn more, email and indicate that you're interested in having a mentor.  One of our GOT Contacts will email you right back!

*A GOT Online Mentor is not designed to replace or serve as your academic advisor.  Instead, consider your mentor someone who know your struggles as a first generation student and is willing to help in your academic endeavors.