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Delaware Campus Market C

The Market C is located in the Moeller Hall Cyber Café at the Delaware Campus.

This self-service convenience store makes foods available at all times that Moeller Hall is open. Look for gourmet selections, premium sandwiches, pastry and snack options and Tassimo barista-style hot beverages

Quick Service: Shop, Check-out and Go....

Use a credit card to pay or set up an account at the in-house kiosk to upload cash or electronic funds.

A Note About Cash

The Market C kiosk does not accept coins or provide change in the form of bills or coins. A Market C account is required for cash purchases. Any remaining cash value is loaded to the Market C account. Credit cards are also welcome.

Setting up an Account

  • All are welcome! Anyone may set up a Market C Account by following the instructions posted at the kiosk.
  • Create an account to for easy access to funds.
  • Load funds onto an account with cash or a credit card!

How to Use the Market C Kiosk

1. Make Your Selections.

2. Scan Your Items.

Scan each item, placing the barcode directly in front of the barcode reader. If the product does not have a barcode, select the item on the main screen.

Select Credit to pay with a credit card or Select Account to access your account via the following options:

Scan your fingerprint, scan your Market C card, or Type ID

3. Follow on-screen prompts to complete your transaction.