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Locker Room Policies

lockersCSCC Locker Room and Locker Rules & Regulations

The Department of Athletics and College Recreation's rules and regulations for the Delaware Hall men’s and women’s locker rooms and lockers are as follows:

The Fitness Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.

Lockers are to be used for legitimate purposes only.

Please report the presence of suspicious individuals in the locker room to staff at the Fitness Center Desk.

For the privacy of everyone, use of cell phones or cameras of any kind is prohibited in the locker room.

All lockers are the property of Columbus State. A fee will be assessed for locker damage caused by negligence or abuse.

Caution: Wet floors in the locker room may be slippery.

Please watch your step.

Please report any facility problems and/or injuries to the Fitness Center staff immediately.

Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to check lockers for unreturned towels, equipment, and to resolve safety/security concerns. Everyone will be notified should this occur.

Day-Use Lockers

Day-use lockers are available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. You must remove all of your items in day-use lockers when you leave the facility.

Personal locks may not be left on day-use lockers overnight.

All locks must be removed 15 minutes prior to facility closing.

If day-use lockers are not emptied by closing time each day, Fitness Center staff will remove locks and all items in the lockers and keep items for 5 days. After 5 days, all abandoned locker contents will be donated to charity. The Fitness Center is not responsible for locks cut off during this procedure.

Day Use Lockers: (any current students or employee may use)

Women: Lockers 1 thru 85
Men: Lockers 1 thru 81