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What is SafeZone?

SafeZone is a series of interactive workshops aimed at helping students and employees develop a better understanding of LGBTQ+ experiences and become effective allies of this community. In each SafeZone training participants are challenged to listen, share and grow.

SafeZone includes three distinct training opportunities: 101, 102, and 103. Those who are interested in completing the SafeZone program are encouraged to start by attending SafeZone 101 then completing the additional workshops in any order. "Special Topics" workshops will also be offered periodically to continue engaging allies who have completed all three workshops. Participants will receive a completion certificate for each workshop attended.

Learning Outcomes

• Participants will gain a new and more informed understanding of LGBTQ+ experiences
• Participants will become stronger allies by developing empathy, confidence, and
• Participants will have a better understanding of the resources available for the LGBTQ+
  and ally communities
• Participants will feel more empowered to support members of the LGBTQ+ community
  and challenge discrimination


SafeZone 101

SafeZone 101 is the starting point for learning about the LGBTQ+ community and developing safe spaces for students and employees at Columbus State who identify as LGBTQ+. The training includes information sharing, reflective exercises, and interactive activities to help participants become more informed and effective allies. Upon completion of 101, interested participants are encouraged to take the SafeZone pledge online and sign-up for additional SafeZone trainings.

SafeZone 102: Gender, Sexuality, and Romanticism

SafeZone 102 builds on the basics taught in 101. This workshop provides a deeper exploration of terminology, concepts, and identities found within the LGBTQ+ community. Included in this workshop are conversations and activities on transgender and non-binary experiences, hetero and cis normativity, sexual identities, and understanding romanticism. 

SafeZone 103: Politics and Culture

SafeZone 103 helps allies understand the current socio-political landscape surrounding the LGBTQ+ community by examining LGBTQ+ experiences throughout history in a variety of cultures, concluding with recent societal events (e.g. Marriage Equality Act, Orlando Massacre, etc.). This workshop uses conversations and activities to explore how shifting cultural values and politics greatly impact the acceptance, prosperity, and health of people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Autumns 2017 Workshop Schedule

9/22/17             SafeZone 101               1:00 -3:30pm          

10/10/17           SafeZone 101                9:30am-12:00pm       

11/3/17             SafeZone 101               9:00am-11:00am          

11/17/17           SafeZone 102               1:00 - 3:00pm           

12/8/17             SafeZone 103               2:00pm-4:00pm

*Workshops are also available for classes and campus groups upon request.


Sign Up To Participate

To sign up for an upcoming workshop, click here to register! (Participants are encouraged to take SafeZone 101 before taking the other 3 workshops.)

Survey and Pledge

Give us your feedback and make the pledge!

If you recently participated in a SafeZone workshop we want to know about your experience. Please click here to take a brief survey (less than 5 minutes). After completing the survey we will send you a certificate for your participation in the training.

The survey also includes an option at the bottom to take the, "SafeZone pledge". If you elect to take the pledge we will also send you a placard and/or button that you can use to display your commitment to being a SafeZone Ally of the LGBTQ+ community. 

For more information about SafeZone or to schedule a workshop for your group please contact Sarah Baker at