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Meditation Room Guidelines/Policies

Room Use Guidelines

  • Users of space must sign the user log upon entry.
  • Any bags or backpacks must be placed in the storage bins in the room.
  • Those reserving the room have full use of the room during the entire time scheduled, but  are asked to be mindful of the needs of others.
  • Please do not use this room as a lounge, study room, a meeting room or for other purposes.
  • No equipment is to be removed from the facility. Users of the room must pick up after themselves and leave the room in the same condition as it was in prior to use.
  • Silence and mutual respect are expected at all times; music is to be listened to through earphones or earplugs with all musical devices (e.g., iPods, MP3 players, etc.).
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the meditation room.
  • Cell phone use in space is for emergency use only; cell phones must be placed on silent upon entry.
  • Candles, burning oils, incense or any other flammable items are not permitted in the meditation room.
  • No posters, signs, or other displays are to be placed inside or outside the meditation rooms at any time, unless first approved by the Global Diversity and Inclusion Department staff.

College Policy On Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

Columbus State Community College is committed to maintaining a workplace, academic environment, and athletic environment free of discrimination and harassment. Therefore, the college shall not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behavior by or against employees, faculty members, vendors, customers, students or other persons participating in a college program or activity.

Employees and students are expected to assist in the college's efforts to prevent discrimination or harassment from occurring. Administrators, supervisors, faculty members or employees who have been designated to act on behalf of the college are specifically responsible for identifying and taking proper action to end such behavior.

While the college does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, the Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and related procedures are intended to cover discrimination and harassment based on protected class. Protected classes for purposes of this policy are sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information (GINA), military status, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.

Misuse Or Safety Issues

Individuals not adhering to these guidelines will be restricted from use of this space. Failure to comply with the guidelines or repeated misuse of the space may result in disciplinary action.
If a student or employee observes any person or activity in the Meditation Room that is inappropriate to the purpose of this space, they are strongly encouraged to contact Public Safety (614-287-2525 for emergencies) immediately if the person or action poses an immediate threat or danger to the space), or contact the staff of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Department (614-287-2426) as soon as possible to report such activity.