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MAN Initiative


What is M.A.N. Initiative?
10410586_375467895946835_998819927965275596_nThe Male Access Network (M.A.N.) Initiative is a retention and scholarship program offered by the Global Diversity and Inclusion Department (GDI) with an emphasis on character-building and leadership development. This program is intended for male-identified students at Columbus State who are interested in getting involved on-campus, connecting with other Columbus State men, and receiving mentorship opportunities. Eligible participants also receive a small scholarship for the Autumn and Spring semesters.

IMG_8837Who is eligible to participate in M.A.N. Initiative?

Any student who is currently enrolled in classes at Columbus State and identifies as "male" is eligible to participate in M.A.N. Initiative. There are 50 available slots each school year. Students are accepted into the program on a first come, first serve basis after completing an application with the Department of Global Diversity and Inclusion. After the 50 spots have been filled, additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

What are the benefits of participating in M.A.N. Initiative?
• $250 Scholarship per semester
• Mentorship Opportunities
• Barbershops – supportive monthly discussions on topics relevant to male college
• Adventures – activities planned throughout the year for participants to
    connect and have fun
• Special Events – campus wide events directly related to the mission & values of 
    M.A.N. Initiative
• Graduation Plan
• Leadership Development

What is required of M.A.N. Initiative Participants?

• Completion of all required FullSizeRender20paperwork
• Participation in an Orientation session
• Participation in academic advising and a
   graduation plan
• Attendance at monthly Barbershop
• Service/attendance at Special Events:
      o Collegiate Leadership
         Conference of Ohio
        (C.L.C.O) in November 
      o Annual Brother's Keeper Panel Town
         Hall Meeting in February 
      o Annual Men of the Year Awards
         Reception in May

*Failure to meet program expectations will result in your revocation and/or non-renewal of your scholarship and membership in the program.

What is required of M.A.N. Initiative Mentors?

  • Meet with mentee(s) at least twice a month
  • Attend mentor info session at beginning of autumn or spring semester
  • Communicate concerns and challenges with GDI Staff
  • Participate in mentor support meetings and special events as schedule permits


If you are interested in being a 2015-2016 MAN Initiative participant, please submit an electronic application by clicking here. Physical applications are available in the GDI office located in Franklin Hall Room 223.

If you are interested in being a 2015-2016 MAN Initiative mentor, please submit an electronic application by clicking here. Physical applications are available in the GDI office located in Franklin Hall Room 223.

For additional information, please email Brett Welsh, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, at you for your interest.

2014 Man of the Year Awards-36 MAN Initiative at CLCO123

           2014 MAN of the Year Awards                        2014 CLCO Conference  

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