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Cougar Mascot "Clawdette"

Columbus State's Cougar Mascot "Clawdette"

Photo of Clawdette, the Cougar mascot.She’s the big cat on campus. She’s the first on her feet at a basketball game. She’s the Columbus State Cougar, Clawdette.

Like Columbus State students, the Clawdette is a quick and agile hunter of great classes and learning opportunities. She doesn’t say much, but she leads by example. Her energetic personality endears her to strangers, and her genuine warmth makes her a great friend.

She hasn’t decided on a major yet – Columbus State has too many great programs to choose from. Right now she’s working hard to get her general education requirements out of the way.

The Clawdette is a monster sports fan, and she makes frequent visits to Columbus State’s volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball games. You’ll always spot her at a campus event, such as Welcome Week or Spring Fling.

“I’m definitely looking forward to Spirit Week in January,” Clawdette says.

Keep an eye out for her. Clawdette is on campus and ready to prowl.

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Want Clawdette at your event?

Clawdette loves to represent CSCC at community events.  To discuss an appearance, contact Team Clawdette in the Department of Marketing and Communications at 614-287-2163 or