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Step 4: COMPASS/ESL Placement Testing/or College Recognized Equivalent

COMPASS/ESL is a computerized assessment in reading, writing, and math that is part of Columbus State's admissions and registration process. It is not a timed assessment, nor is it pass or fail.  English as a Second Language (ESL) students will complete the computerized reading and grammar/usage components as well as a timed paper/pencil writing sample. Placement testing helps to identify what classes you should schedule your first semester. Our goal is to ensure that your classes are at the right level for you - not too easy and unchallenging and not so difficult that you would feel overwhelmed.

Complete the COMPASS/ESL Placement Test in the Testing Center (walk-in basis, photo ID required). Click here for sample tests, resources to help you review, and Testing Center hours and locations.

Preparing for the COMPASS Test

You may be exempt from taking all or some parts of the COMPASS test if you have one or more of the following:  Transfer credit for college level English and math, AP, CLEP or ACT.  Do I need to take the COMPASS test?

Transient students (taking classes at Columbus State while also enrolled at another college/university), click here for Step-by-Step instructions.


Important - Your ACT and/or COMPASS scores must be on file with Columbus State before moving to Step 5


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