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Jamie Minor

Admissions Specialist

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Admissions Specialist, Central Region

Office Phone: 614.287.3925

High School Students: Click here to view a map of Jamie's Central Region schools.

Adult Students: Jamie is your Admissions Specialist if you are interested in Business and Engineering programs. For a full list of these programs, click here.

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Your Hometown:

Canton, Ohio

Your Degree(s) and School(s):

Bachler’s Arts & Science, Central State University.

Masters Higher Education, University of Toledo

Your Hobbies:

Going to my sons sporting events (football, track, baseball), watching Ohio State Football, Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Cavs, watching every comic book movie that comes out, and lastly working out.

A Word or Phrase That Best Describes You:


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Where Do You Hang-Out In Columbus?

Well I am new to the city of Columbus so I spend my time exploring the city and going to different events throughout the week and weekends.

What Was Your Favorite Class In College and Why?

My favorite class was my public speaking class that I took at Central State University. It prepared me to have the ability to talk to large crowds of people. This helped me, because at the time I was incredibly shy. 

What Do You Love About Columbus State?

I love that everybody here is willing to help with any questions you may have. It shows me that Columbus State is costumer services friendly and that’s awesome!

What Advice Would You Give To Incoming, New Students?

College is what you make it, take advantage of your resources because they are here for you! Develop relations with fellow students and also faculty and staff as well. Lastly remember to get good grades because they will open up doors for you to great employment opportunities.  

Your Current Role At Columbus State and How Your Role Helps Students?

My role is to inform perspective students on the Columbus State Community College experience and what it has to offer. I go to high schools or organizations and promote on how great Columbus State is and how the students can truly benefit from attending.

High Schools in Jamie's
Central Region

Central Region Map

  • Africentric Alternative
  • Beechcroft
  • Centennial
  • Columbus Alternative
  • Columbus Downtown
  • Columbus North International
  • Cristo Rey Columbus
  • East High School
  • Fort Hayes Career Center
  • The Graham School
  • Independence
  • International
  • Linden McKinley
  • Mifflin
  • Northland
  • Whetstone