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Alleigh Bradley

Admissions Specialist

Alleigh Photo

Admissions Specialist, East Region

Office Phone: 614.287.3914

High School Students: Click here to view a map of Alleigh's East Region schools.

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Your Hometown:

Norwalk, Ohio

Your Degree(s) and School(s):

B.A. in Communication & Public Relations, Capital University

Your Hobbies:

I enjoy listening to music, community service, cooking, watching TV/Netflix, shopping and occasionally making various crafts.

A Word or Phrase That Best Describes You:


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Where Do You Hang-Out In Columbus?

If I’m not at home you can typically find me in a store shopping in my free time.

What Was Your Favorite Class In College and Why?

Public Relations Research was my favorite class because I tend to be analytical about things going on around me and that was the main focus for most of our class work. 

What Do You Love About Columbus State?

I love the warm inviting presence that Columbus State gives to both the students and staff.

What Advice Would You Give To Incoming, New Students?

Take a moment to step out of the class and experience some of the additional opportunities that Columbus State Community College has to offer like the various leadership roles, sports and or clubs.  Gaining these experiences can help you find additional skills that could be beneficial down the road.  

Your Current Role At Columbus State and How Your Role Helps Students?

I’m an Admissions Specialist and I help guide the students through different  opportunities that Columbus State Community College has to offer and help them get a better understanding of college life and decide what journey to take on.

High School's in Alleigh's
East Territory

East Region Map

  • The Academy for Urban Scholars
  • The Arts & College Preparatory School
  • Bexley High School
  • C-TEC High
  • Canal Winchester
  • Columbus School for Girls
  • East Knox
  • Eastmoor Academy
  • Gahanna Christian
  • Gahanna-Lincoln
  • Granville Christian
  • Granville High
  • Heath High
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Independence
  • Johnstown High
  • Knox County Career
  • Lakewood Sr. High
  • Licking Heights High
  • Licking Valley High
  • New Hope Christian Academy
  • Newark High
  • Newark Catholic
  • North Ridge High
  • Pickerington North
  • Pickerington Central
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Reynoldsburg ESTEM
  • Reynoldsburg Encore Academy
  • Reynoldsburg Bell
  • Utica
  • Walnut Ridge
  • Watkins Memorial
  • Whitehall-Yearling
  • World Harvest Christian Academy