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Adam Hatheway

Admissions Systems Specialist

Adam Headshot

Systems Specialist, Admissions

Phone: 614.287.2073

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Your Hometown:

Columbus, Ohio

Your Hobbies:

Playing games of all kinds, spending time with my family and watching sports.

A Word or Phrase That Best Describes You:


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Where Do You Hang-Out In Columbus?

I am a home body, except for a weekly get together with a couple of my friends at the neighborhood bar to catch up with each other. I take the kids to the Columbus Zoo, COSI, and the splash pads around Columbus in the heat of the summer.

What Was Your Favorite Class In College and Why?

Psychology, because the mind is a wonderful thing.

What Do You Love About Columbus State?

I love the people I work with most of all. 

What Advice Would You Give To Incoming, New Students?

Be prepared. Preparedness will give you confidence, and confidence will help you succeed. 

Your Current Role At Columbus State and How Your Role Helps Students?

As a Systems Specialist for College Credit Plus and traditional students, I help guarantee we can get in touch with our new and prospective students, helping them along their path to success.