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Science Placement Test

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If your program of study requires science courses, beginning at the right level is critical for success. The Science Placement Test will determine your knowledge of science-related topics and concepts, and your score will be used to determine which science course you take first at Columbus State.

IMPORTANT: ACT or SAT must have been taken in the past two years.

Important Notes:

Courses that Require the Science Placement Test, qualifying ACT/SAT score, or qualifying college science course(s).

BIO 1113
BIO 2215
BIO 2300
BIO 2301

CHEM 1111
CHEM 1113
CHEM 1200
CHEM 1171

PHYS 1200
PHYS 1250


1. If you have an ACT Science score of 22, an SAT Composite score of 980, or official transcripts with qualifying science college credit, you are not required to take the Science Placement Test.

2. All others must complete the Science Placement Test before you can register for the courses for which the Science Placement Test is a prerequisite (see sidebar list).

3. You do not need to complete the Science Placement Test to register for your first semester of classes at Columbus State. You may register for any courses that do not have the Science Placement Test prerequisite.

Practice is The Best Preparation

Before you test, be sure to review. Proper placement is important to your success in college. Your score will determine whether you require introductory science education, and what science course you will be placed in at Columbus State. Introductory science courses generally do not apply as a requirement for science-related majors.

Scoring 30 or higher on the Science Placement Test will allow you to begin in higher-level science courses that are required for your major, saving you time and money!

To prepare for the Science Placement Test, review sample test questions to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will be on the test.

Taking the Test

Test Format

The Science Placement Test contains 25 multiple-choice questions.

You will not need specific science-content knowledge to answer the questions on the test correctly. Each question on the test is preceded by a passage which contains scientific information that will help you answer the question correctly. Read these passages carefully before attempting to answer the questions.

Testing Locations

Take your Placement Tests at a Columbus State Testing Center location convenient to you. No appointment is necessary, just walk-in during their scheduled hours. Be sure to arrive at least two hours prior to closing to take your tests. Remember that you are not able to register for classes until you have completed your placement tests.

Important: Be sure to arrive 2 hours or more prior to closing. Tests will not be administered within 2 hours of closing.

Visit for hours and directions.


  • You must complete the science placement test in one sitting. You won't be permitted to start the test, leave the Testing Center before completion, and return at another time to resume the test.
  • Answer all 25 questions on the placement test before leaving the Testing Center. You will not be permitted to return to the Testing Center to resume your test if you close your test and leave the Testing Center before completion.
  • Once you start the test you will be permitted to work on the test until the Testing Center closes. You will be required to submit your test, with all the questions answered, by closing time.
  • You will be permitted to take the placement test only once. Retakes are not permitted.
  • You will not be permitted to use a calculator or any hand-held electronic device while taking the test.
  • You will not be permitted to use books or notes while taking the placement test.
  • Bring something to write with, a pencil or pen, to the Testing Center when you plan to complete the test.

Test Score

1-29 BIO 0100 Foundations of Biology must be completed before taking BIO 1113, BIO 2215, or BIO 2300. All additional course prerequisites must be met before registering for any course.
30-50 No 0100 science courses required


Retesting is not permitted for the Science Placement Test. If you score below 30, introductory science course(s) will be required as appropriate for your plan of study.

NOTE: Introductory science courses have Math and English prerequisites. For specifics, consult the  course catalog.