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Mathematics Placement Test

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Depending on your major, you may need to take a few college math classes – or quite a few! The Mathematics Placement Test will assess your math abilities to ensure that you receive any remedial assistance you may need, and place you in the right course your first semester at Columbus State.

IMPORTANT: ACT or SAT must have been taken in the past two years.

Because math is a difficult subject for many students, the Math Placement Test differs from other placement tests in two important ways:

  • You do not need to complete the Math Placement Test before registering for your first semester of classes.You may not register for a MATH or STAT course, but you may enroll in any other class that does not have a MATH pre-requisite without completing the Math Placement Test.

Who Needs to Test?

  • If you have an ACT Math score of 20 or higher, a SAT Math score of 480 or higher (old format) or 510 or higher (new format), or official transcripts with qualifying math college credits, you do not need to take the Mathematics Placement Test.
  • All others need to complete the Math Placement Test before you can register for your first semester of classes at Columbus State.

Timing, Cost & Testing Rules:

  • You may take the Mathematics Placement test up to five times at no cost.
  • The test is not timed and usually takes students about 2 hours to complete.
  • Once you start the test you will be permitted to work on the test until the Testing Center closes. If you do not complete the Math Placement Test before the Testing Center closes, your test will be suspended and you may return at another time to complete it.

Testing Locations

The Mathematics Placement Test must be taken at a Columbus State Testing Center. Testing Centers are located on our Columbus Campus, Delaware Campus, and Westerville, Dublin and Reynoldsburg Regional Learning Centers.

You do not need to schedule an appointment in advance, but be aware of the hours at the Testing Center you choose. You must arrive at least two hours prior to closing to take the Math Placement Test. The test will not be administered if you arrive less than 2 hours prior to closing.

Visit for Testing Center hours and directions

Test Scores

The score from your proctored Mathematics Placement Test will be entered into your college record and used for placement into your first math course at Columbus State.

You will receive your scores immediately when you submit your test, along with an explanation of what courses you have placed into or tested out of.

Score 0-13 DEV 0114 Basic Math and Pre-Algebra required
Score 14-29 Placement out of DEV 0114 Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
Score 30-45 Placement out of Math 1025/1050
Score 46-60 Placement out of Math 1075
Score 61-75 Placement out of Math 1148
Score 76-100 Placement out of Math 1149


If you aren't satisfied with your Mathematics Placement Test score, you may retake the Math Placement Test at no cost to you. You do not need a referral form from an advisor to retake the mathematics placement test.

To access your Prep and Learning plan, please follow these instructions:

Before you can retake your Math Placement Test, you must complete five hours of study in your personalized Prep & Learning module. Your personalized Prep and Learning Module is generated by the ALEKS PPL system after you complete your first Math Placement Test. You can access this module any time through the "Access ALEKS PPL" link on CougarWeb by following these instructions:

1. Log onto CougarWeb
2. Click on "Mathematics Placement and Preparation"
3. Click on "ALEKS PPL" to access the assessment
4. Complete the assessment


  • You may complete your assessment anywhere that you have computer and internet access.
  • You must spend at least 5 hours improving your math skills by working in your individualized ALEKS PPL Prep & Learning Module. These hours can be completed anywhere you have internet access.
  • After you spend 5 hours working in your Prep & Learning Module, your next test will be unlocked.
  • While 5 hours is the minimum amount of Prep & Learning time required, you are encouraged to spend as much time as you need to feel competent in the math skills in your module.
  • We suggest finding a quiet place, free of distractions, in which to complete your assessment. The College Readiness Center, computer labs, and Library on our Columbus Campus, or the Learning Center on our Delaware Campus provide quiet spaces for student use.


In-Person Preparation Help

College Readiness Center
Columbus Campus
Aquinas Hall, Room 213

Tutors are available to assist you as you work through your Prep & Learning module.