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Post-Orientation Checklist

Post-Orientation Checklist

In order to prepare for your orientation session, you must complete the following tasks:

[ ] Finalize Financial Aid

    • Awarded financial aid will disbursed to a student’s account ten days before the start of the semester.  If there is a balance due after financial aid has been applied, alternative payment arrangements will need to be made by the student before the fee payment deadline.  Students who are first time Direct Loan borrowers at CSCC will need to complete Temporary Funding as loans will not be disbursed until 30 days after the start of the semester.  

    • After financial aid is disbursed and providing there is a credit balance, a Bookstore credit will be available.  Five weeks into the semester all remaining financial aid will be disbursed. Credit balances will be refunded to the student by the Cashiers & Student Accounting Office.  Students without direct deposit will receive a check in the mail. If you expect to receive a refund, please sign up for direct deposit to expedite the processing of your refund.

[ ] Pay Your Bill

    • The payment deadline for Autumn 2017 is Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Students who do not pay by this date will be removed from all classes for non-payment. If you wish to enroll in the Extended Payment Plan for Fall term to help simplify your college finances, please review the important deadlines: Open Enrollment ends two weeks prior to the first day of classes each term.

[ ] Check your CSCC Email account

    • It is recommended that students should check their email account multiple times per week prior to the beginning of classes. Once classes begin, students should check their email and respond accordingly daily.

[ ] Purchase Books

[ ] Tell us about why you’re excited to attend CSCC and show your CSCC pride

    • Share with us on Twitter and Instagram @CSCCOrientation and make sure to use #CSCC1st (you never know when you could win a prize!!)