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Gerard Goforth

Gerard Goforth

Gerard Goforth

His time in the U.S. Air Force gave Gerard Goforth experience in a number of different occupations, and exposure to many cultures around the world.

"I was in computer networking, I was a pharmacy technician, and I almost always had a part-time job as a cook." No matter where he was or what duties he was assigned, one passion kept rising to the surface: food. "I guess you could call me a 'foodie,''' Gerard says. "I really enjoy preparing and serving good food."

After retiring from service, Gerard decided to go back to school. "Since I had done a lot of computer networking jobs in the service, I continued down that path at first." Soon, though, Gerard's passion for food took over. "I started thinking that's really what I want to do. I want to make my next career move in the food services industry."

"Columbus State is a great place for a veteran to get acclimated back into the world of education and learning."

Working with the advisors in Columbus State's Veterans Service office, Gerard explored the options. "My ultimate goal is to have my own catering business or restaurant. I have experience in both food prep, and in managing a restaurant. What I needed was the knowledge of how to start and run my own business. The Veterans Services staff helped me zero in on the Business Management/Entrepreneurship major."

"Columbus State is a great place for a veteran to get acclimated back into the world of education and learning," he says. The flexibility of scheduling and the option of online classes was a good fit for Gerard, and helped him work school into his busy schedule.

In addition to his classroom studies, Gerard says his time at Columbus State has taught him many other valuable things. "It's such a diverse environment. My favorite class has been intercultural communication. That class, along with what I've learned from interaction with people from different cultures on a daily basis, will be a real asset in business."

Gerard is planning to graduate from Columbus State in the Spring of 2014 and continue his education at Franklin University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Management.