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Modern Manufacturing Work-Study Program

Modern ManufacturingIn collaboration with the National Science Foundation, Honda North America, Rimrock Corporation, AutoTool and several additional industry partners, the long standing Columbus State Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (EMEC) program has produced an efficient high school to college to career pathway. The program is open to any incoming CSCC EMEC student. High school graduates that have completed Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum may begin the program with approximately 18 credit hours for work completed while in high school. 

Between high school and College, the students engage in a summer bridge program. During this 4-day experience, they are exposed to College faculty, tour an advanced manufacturing facility and have the opportunity to hear first-hand about a career within advanced manufacturing.

Students next complete two full semesters of Columbus State course work. Beginning in the third semester, students are paired with a department within an advanced manufacturing facility and hired by that facility as a work study student. Over the course of the three following semesters, students attend class 2 days per week and work within the facility 3 days per week. 

The primary difference between this work-study experience and a traditional work-study position is length and depth of engagement. Rather than rotating students through a variety of companies and positions, we are embedding them within a department for up to 18-months.  During this time, they are active employees participating in meaningful work. 

The skills Electro-Mechanical Technicians possess are used in virtually every industry – from manufacturing, to environmental control, to food and pharmaceutical production, to power plants. – Electro-Mechanical Technicians are immediately able to contribute to the companies that hire them. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technicians perform both preventive and corrective maintenance on electro-mechanical systems as well as aiding in the design of such systems. Electrical, mechanical, fluid power, as well as robotic systems are the primary components of Electro-Mechanical Technicians.