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F-2 Dependents

Information for F-2 Dependents

The spouse and minor children accompanying an F-1 student are eligible for admission in F-2 status if the student is admitted in F-1 status. The spouse and minor children entering the U.S. to join a student are eligible for admission to the United States in dependent status if they are able to demonstrate that the student has been admitted and is, or will be within 30 days, enrolled in a full course of study, or engaged in approved practical training following completion of studies. In either case, at the time they seek admission, the eligible spouse and minor children must individually present an original SEVIS form I-20 issued in their name.

All F-2s may not accept employment.

F-2 children may only engage in full-time study if the study is in an elementary or secondary school (K-12 grade.)

F-2 spouse may engage in study at a higher level that is avocational or recreational in nature. An F-2 spouse and an F-2 child wishing to study full-time in college/university must apply for and obtain a change of status to F1. Dependents may not begin study until the petition for change of status to F-1 is approved.