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Step 2: Take a Placement Test and/or Submit Test Scores and/or Transcripts

Now that you have received your acceptance communication,
find the category which best describes you:

Never Attended College Before:


If you have ACT, SAT, AP, OR CLEP scores, click here to learn about how these test scores are used and directions on how to submit them
(Please note that test scores are only valid for two years.)

Placement Testing

If you have no previous college experience, did not take the ACT, SAT, AP, or CLEP, or if your scores are two or more years old, you will need to take the Placement Test.

For more information and instructions on taking the Placement Test, click here.


Have Previous College Experience:


If you have attended college before and have credit in both Math and English, you need to send your official transcripts from your previous institution. If you do not have previous college credit for both Math and English, please still send us your official transcripts but you will also need to take the Placement Test.

(Official transcripts come directly from your educational institution and should be in a official sealed envelope or emailed directly from the educational institution.)

Via postal mail:

Columbus State Community College
ATTN: Office of the Registrar
PO Box 1609
550 E. Spring St.
Columbus, OH  43216

Via email: