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Go! Register for Autumn today!

On-Time Registration

On-Time Registration is the Way to GO!

When you register on time at Columbus State:

  • You're more likely to get the classes you want.
  • You're more likely to get your preferred section.
  • You avoid a Late Registration Fee (waived this semester.)
  • You avoid last-minute scrambling and hassles.
  • You finish your degree when expected.
  • You avoid the expense of extra semesters.

On-Time Registration is not just another deadline to worry about.

It truly is your best Way to GO!


On-Time Registration

Here's what you need to know about On-Time Registration/Late Registration.

Columbus State has instituted an On-Time Registration period and Late Registration period.

On-Time Registration

  • Summer deadline: May 5
  • Autumn deadline: Aug. 6

1) Registration is possible online, in person and through the Telephone Information Center. 

2) Department deadlines may be earlier.

3) For courses beginning after the start of the full term, registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the term class start date.

Late Registration

1) A Late Registration Fee will appear on your bill, but it's waived for Summer Semester.

2) Instructor's permission is required to process registration changes after the start of the semester/class.