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Otterbein University

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Otterbein and Columbus State: 2+2 Transfer Program

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Weds, May 18, or Thursday, June 16

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Benefits for Columbus State Graduates:

  • Guaranteed Admission to Otterbein for AA and AS graduates – please note students must apply to some specific programs
  • AA or AS graduates meet Gen Ed Requirements
  • D grades will transfer w/the completion of the Associate Degree
  • Scholarships: $16,000 - President's Transfer Scholarship, $14,000 - Trustee Transfer Scholarship, $12,000 - Provost's Transfer Scholarship, $11,000 - Dean's Transfer Scholarship, $5,000 - Alumni Transfer Scholarship

How will a course transfer? Course equivalency information

For more information - Transferring to Otterbein

Otterbein online application here

First Step:

Become a Columbus State student: Get Started Guide

Current Columbus State Student: Transferring to Otterbein


Important Note:

Beginning Fall 2017, Otterbein students must earn 126 hours for graduation (vs. 128)


AA to Art (Studio) 

AA to Communication Studies
AA to Journalism and Media
AA to Public Relations

AA or AS to Sustainability StudiesNew Updates

AS to Allied Health

AS to Chemistry - New Updates
AS to Mathematics (2 options) - New Updates
AS to Physics 

AA to Early Childhood Education
AA to Middle Childhood Education (Language Arts & Social Studies)
AS to Middle Childhood Education (Math & Science)

Early Childhood Education and Development to Early Childhood Education