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How do I know which Study Abroad course is right for me?

Consult with your academic advisor, program faculty and/or Faculty Lead for the course that interests you to make sure the trip you select meets your personal, academic and career needs.

A Study Abroad course is never required – it is a personal choice.

What if I want to participate but there is not an existing study abroad course that involves my desired destination and/or content area?

Columbus State Community College is a member of a few international education associations and consortiums. In rare instances, students may be able to attend a study abroad experience with students from partner institutions.

You might contact a fulltime faculty member in your content area of interest and inquire about the possibility of Columbus State developing a study abroad course involving the destination..

You can also email the Study Abroad faculty fellow at  to express interest in a particular destination and content area.

What are some of the destinations Columbus State study abroad courses have visited?

Credit opportunities have included:

The Modern Languages department travel to Mexico each Summer term (when possible) for intensive language study. The program is being expanded to include French study in Quebec.

The Social Sciences department regularly schedules study abroad courses. Recent destinations have included Mexico, China, Japan, and Guatemala. The Guatemala course is an annual course that includes service learning as part of the experience in Guatemala.

Regular mission trips to Mexico by Nursing. (restricted to those in the Nursing Program)

Other destinations have included Jamaica, Greece and the Native American Southwest.

How is the cost determined for study abroad courses?

Costs for the study abroad portion of the course are determined by cost of airfare, lodging, itinerary at destination and faculty instruction. In some cases food costs are included as well.

The study abroad cost does not include Columbus State tuition for the course itself.

How do I make payments?

The specific dates and process will be given by the Faculty Lead(s) for the course.

What paperwork do I need to participate in a study abroad course?

  • All participants who are not employees of Columbus State will be listed on a Student Travel Request form prepared by the Faculty Lead(s).
  • Participants that are employed by the College in any capacity must submit an individual Travel Request form to the Faculty Lead(s).
  • All participants must submit an Application for Study abroad, the Waiver and Release form, a photocopy of her/his valid passport, and emergency contact information.

Do I have to obtain my own traveling insurance?

No. The college will provide you with traveler’s insurance documentation that can be placed with your passport. However this insurance is limited and individuals may wish to contract for other travel insurance, either through a third party vendor (if one is being used), or through an insurance vendor.

Can an international student participate in a study abroad course?

In most cases this can be arranged. However, international students are required to submit additional paperwork and documentation to travel.

An example: An international student who traveled to Mexico was required

  • To apply in person for a visa (received within 72 hours if there are no complications.)
  • Students were directed to the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, IN ( ) and were required to bring the following:
    - student visa or Greencard if have one
    - current valid passport
    - proof of current US visa
    - proof of income (e.g. a bank statement)
    - copy of the ticket or travel confirmation for travel
    - copy of the study abroad itinerary and syllabus for the study abroad course
    - information on your specific accommodations while in Mexico
    - $36 application fee

Nursing trips abroad: A unique process

Nursing trips, as previously referenced, are limited to participants in the Nursing Program. They function more as missionary trips than as study abroad courses although they do provide one hour of college credit. They are pre-arranged through another organization.

Participants need only submit the Disclosure and Release form, a photocopy of her/his valid passport, and emergency contact information to the coordinator of the trip or the Faculty Lead(s).