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Video Transcript

Megan: History has shown us time and time again that we adjust to change.

Aaron: When cars replaced the horse and buggy, we adapted.

Megan: And when Justin Bieber topped the music charts, we all survived.

Aaron: Soon it will be time for another change. Columbus State is joining lots of Ohio colleges in the switch to semesters.

Megan: A cross-college team has been working hard behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible. That's because academic calendars, course lesson plans, and credit hour calculations all have to change.

Aaron: After all, a semester is 15 weeks long. That's five weeks longer than the current quarter.

Megan: And over 90 percent of all colleges are already on semesters.

Aaron: So that means it will be easier to transfer between schools in the future.

Megan: Columbus State students who won't graduate before the switch will need to take a few simple steps to prepare for semesters. You'll be hearing about those soon. In the meantime, stay on track with classes and don't worry.

Aaron: That's because the official switch to semesters won't happen until Autumn of 2012. So as long as you graduate by then, the switch won't change anything.

Megan: Check out the all the details at Change is coming, but we'll be ready. Stay tuned.