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Pledge To Students

Columbus State is dedicated to the progress and academic success of our students before, during and after the Switch2Semesters which takes effect Autumn 2012. To this end, the college commits to a working partnership with transition* students for the semester conversion. This partnership will result in continued academic progress for students and an informed semester conversion process for everyone involved.

winter semesterAs with any partnership, expectations exist.

Students can expect: 1) Curricular information and advising resources to be made available to help them define a specific path to degree/certificate completion under semesters, and 2) The college will continue to work with them to achieve their academic goals.

For its part, the college expects every transition student: 1) To attend appropriate advisory sessions in order to create a Degree Audit/ Transitional Plan of Study, and 2) To follow the approved plan’s directives carefully to completion.

Transition students who attend appropriate advisory sessions, jointly create a Degree Audit / Transitional Plan of Study, and follow the approved plan’s academic requirements consistently to completion, receive the following pledge from the college:

No loss of academic progress

Credits you’ve earned before the semester conversion which apply to your degree or certificate will continue to apply after the conversion, assuming you continue in the same program of study. All applicable credit hours will be counted toward fulfilling degree or program requirements.

No delay to degree or certificate completion

If you are on track to complete your degree or certificate when the college switches to semesters, and you follow your approved Degree Audit / Transitional Plan of Study consistently thereafter, you will be able to graduate on time. This assurance can only be met if you follow your approved plan.

No increase in annual tuition and general fees due to semester conversion

At the time of transition to semesters, your annual cost for tuition and general fees as a full-time student attending college under a semester-based academic year** will not exceed the annual cost for tuition and general fees that you would have paid to attend full-time under a quarter-based academic year. Financial Aid disbursements will be proportionately adjusted to meet semester requirements.

Note: Independent of the semester conversion, the college may implement annual tuition and/or fee increases as deemed necessary and authorized by the Board of Trustees.

Effective April 2011

*A transition student is one who began taking classes under a quarter-based academic calendar but will finish his/her degree or certificate under a semester-based calendar. Transition students may follow a quarter-based plan of study through Summer 2014 only.
**A semester-based academic year consists of two semesters totaling 30 semester credit hours. A quarter-based academic year consists of three quarters totaling 45 quarter credit hours.