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Why see an advisor about semesters?

1) An advisor will help you plan ahead so that you know what to take and when to take it under semesters.

2) You'll discover course options you may not have considered.

3) You'll confirm program requirements so that you don't waste time and money on classes that are no longer applicable.

4) With your plan of study in hand, scheduling will be a breeze each semester and you'll be able to balance outside responsibilities better by knowing what to expect.

To find an academic advisor or faculty advisor:

1. Use the online advisor directory or

2. Visit your department’s home page or

3. Call the Telephone Information Center (TIC): 614-287-5353.

To make an appointment:

Arts & Sciences majors: Call Advising Services, (614) 287-2668.

Career & Tech majors: Call the TIC, 287-5353, visit your department’s home page, or contact department office or faculty advisor.

Semesters Pre-Advising Tips: What to do before seeing an advisor

1. Verify or declare your major if you haven’t done so already. Call 287-5353 or complete a Change of Information Form.

2. Submit official transcripts from previously attended institutions.

The Records and Registration Department will evaluate the credits for transfer.

3. Find out who your advisor is by visiting these URLs: or

4. Run a Degree Audit Report (DARS) through CougarWeb. This will detail your academic progress to date.

5. Make an advising appointment or attend a program advising session (if available). 

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