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Majors & Programs Video Transcript

Columbus State is a big school with lots of programs, but we think we can give you the highlights in around 90 seconds.

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Aaron McNulty: Columbus State’s a big place, so it's tricky to explain what all we offer. But we think we can give you the highlights in less than 90 seconds.

Megan Jones: Basically, the college offers associate degrees and certificates. The first type is the Career & Technical degree. Those are what you traditionally think of when you think community college -- Auto repair, cooking school, construction management, computer programming

Aaron McNulty: -- However, we also offer a lot of things you might not think about, like business, web design, or aircraft maintenance to name a few. You’ll also find health careers like nursing and radiography … Get in, get a degree or certificate, and get a job.

Megan Jones: The second type is an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree. Those represent the first two years of a bachelor's degree. So you do a couple of years here, then transfer somewhere else to finish up.

Aaron McNulty: Or you could just take a couple of classes here, then transfer. Oh, and a lot of Career & Tech majors transfer, so check with your advisor about that.

Megan Jones: The best part: Columbus State's tuition is about a third what it is at a four-year state school, so it really pays to check out transfer programs.

Aaron McNulty: Two more things: Columbus State's Community Education and Workforce Development department offers noncredit classes --

Megan Jones: --those are like short term training, one-day seminars, continuing education, some good certificates, GED, skilled trades stuff -- and they do custom training for your business.

Aaron McNulty: Do you have a business?

Megan Jones: I could have a business.

Aaron McNulty: Last thing: Columbus State offers a bunch of programs aimed at high school students, so they can get college credit while still in high school. Check with your school counselors.

Megan Jones: So that's Columbus State, in less than 90 seconds. How’d we do?

Aaron McNulty: A few seconds left. Not bad, huh?

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