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Faculty & Staff Directory

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email
Barnett, Beth Professor (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 230 614.287.2593
Dragoo, Jennifer Assistant Professor (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 227 614.287.2743
Finnegan, Holly Professor (Reading/Writing) Aquinas Hall, Room 247 614.287.5170
Hallas, Julie Assistant Professor (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 225 614.287.5916
Jones, Lauren Assistant Professor (Reading/Writing) Aquinas Hall, Room 229 614.287.5196

Koski, Tracy Professor (Reading/Writing) Aquinas Hall, Room 246 614.287.5266
Michelis, Brenna Professor (Math) Delaware Admin Bldg, Room DA 127 740.203.8151

Stadler, Ellen

Assistant Professor (Math)

Aquinas Hall, Room 242

614. 287. 5265

Wallace, John Professor (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 228 614.287.5927
Ziminski, Nancy Associate Professor (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 226 614.287.2621

Administration and Staff

Name Title Office Phone Email

Bland, Celeste 


Aquinas Hall, Room 232 


Clark, Nicole Academic Advisor Aquinas Hall, Room 240 614.287.5360
Peterson, Annie Office Associate Aquinas Hall, Room 215 614.287.5193

Contact Information

Department of Developmental Education
Aquinas Hall 215
Columbus State Community College
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, Ohio 43216

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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