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College Readiness Center

The College Readiness Center (CRC) is available to students engaged in the placement testing process. The mission of the center is to support and advance student placement into the appropriate core subject areas. This mission is consistent with the values of the Developmental Education Department because we know that one of the key ways to retain students and help them on their journey to completion is to make sure they start off in the right classes. In addition, the center ensures equal access so that all students can complete the required five (5) hours of remediation in mathematics and feel supported and encouraged in their work.

The College Readiness Center will provide:

    • An overview of math, reading and writing placement processes
    • Computers and internet access for students who need a place to work
    • A quiet place for students to take their first unproctored math placement assessment
    • Assistance in remediating math skills before taking the official proctored placement tests
    • Assistance in remediating reading and writing skills both before the official placement tests and prior to retakes
    • Procedural information about completing reading and writing retakes
    • A supportive environment for students with math and testing anxieties, and concerns about college readiness
    • Encouragement for timely completion of the math placement process
    • Information about campus support resources
    • Faculty and staff experienced in supporting students and especially first-generation, underprepared students
    • Guidance about potential math pathways based on major *
    • Guidance about proper registration based on the official placement results *
    • Guidance in finding plans of study and other resources *

*For further assistance with advising and registration, please meet with an academic advisor.

To access the College Placement Testing site, click here



(Autumn, Spring, and Summer) 



Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
*NOTE: The hours of operation may vary during each break.

ALEKS PPL (Math) Aquinas Hall, Room 213

Accuplacer (Reading) Aquinas Hall, Room 214

Writeplacer (Writing) Aquinas Hall, Room 214