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Internship Tips

Searching for an Internship

Finding and securing an internship is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it can be a bit challenging at times and require both resilience as well as patience. There are a plethora of resources dedicated to helping maximize your chances of acquiring that dream internship. Below are some great resources on where to look for those internships followed by some helpful tips when applying.

Begin Your Search Early.

When searching for an internship it is imperative you allow yourself enough time to research the hiring trends of specific industries as well as companies. Some organizations have early deadlines for their opportunities and may even progress through both recruitment and hiring as early as November. It is never too early to begin your search; getting a head start can be the difference between an opportunity being offered to you or your competing counterparts.

Draft an Effective Resume and Cover Letter.

At this stage of your academic career, employers understand that an internship applicants may have limited or no work experience in their respective fields of study. Therefore it is essential you draft a professional cover letter and resume that showcase your talents, skills, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and memberships in professional organizations.

When drafting the documents, ensure you invest the time and effort to research each employer and tailor your resume for each opportunity. It is important to demonstrate an understanding of each employer’s mission, product or service, and show how your experiences to date have aligned you with the organization and the opportunity. For more information on resume and cover letter development, visit the CSCC Career Services webpage.

Search Internship or Job Websites.

There are several general internship and job websites on the internet. Some host opportunities across all sectors, while others are totally dedicated to specific industries. Job sites can be instrumental in producing more success in your search, but always ensure you check for current posting dates for each opportunity under consideration. Below are links to assist in your search; the listing below is in no way comprehensive as many other resources on the internet.


Many internship opportunities exist on-line, but there are also thousands of students researching and applying for the same opportunities. Success in finding an internship is not always about what you know as much as it is who you know, and nothing beats good old-fashioned networking. Leveraging your network of family, friends, school and work contacts to find an internship is one of the most effective ways to gain an edge over the competition and land an internship.

There are always new and exciting ways to meet new people and expand your network. Some of these include attending industry events in your area, participating in local special interests groups, clubs, and professional associations. Identify these groups and events, get involved and network, network…. NETWORK your way to an opportunity!

21st Century Job Skills

The term 21st Century Skills references a broad set of character habits, knowledge, skill, and work habits believed by many to be essential to success in today's job market. Below is a set of professional modules designed to hone in on a few of those critical 21st Century Skills, and increase your value to an employer. Remember employers are not only interested in technical skills; they desire candidates with the ability to communicate, collaborate and calculate answers to problems facing their organizations.