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Employer Process


Preparation Phase

  • Develop job description and evaluate company hosting capability
  • Submit job description to be posted for students to review at CSCC
  • Receive applications and interview potential intern candidates.
  • Once a candidate is selected, the student will complete the Approval Request Form to the Internship Program Coordinator.

Develop an Effective Job Description

  • Describe company and industry
  • Provide physical and virtual location
  • Detail position responsibilities
  • Specify the desired qualifications of candidates
  • Explain process to apply; how and to whom
  • Provide deadlines

Creating intern hosting capability

  • Ensure the appropriate office space is available
  • Provide desk and needed office supplies
  • Determine who will “mentor” student
  • Provide the technology that will be needed
  • Determine tasks that intern will perform
  • Evaluate compensation capability

Types of internship compensation

  • Hourly wage
  • Federal work study (Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Tuition benefits (reimbursement)
  • Free parking
  • Provide executive lunch for intern to network
  • Allow time worked in internship to apply to service tenure if hired on permanently
  • Product/service discounts
  • Transportation stipend
  • Industry exams or certifications
  • Company training program
  • Fitness center access/employee membership
  • Sporting event or concert tickets
  • Health insurance
  • Commission (if applicable)
  • Full employee benefits
  • Preferential interview for permanent position
  • Housing/relocation assistance


For additional guidance, please see Hosting an Unpaid Intern


Internship Preparation

Internship Implementation Phase

  • Welcome the intern appropriately to the firm
  • Set the internship expectations and goals for the semester
  • Mentor the student and enhance their learning


What makes a good mentor

  • Allow intern to ask questions
  • Provide answers to inquiries
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Be approachable
  • Be available
  • Provide opportunity for group work
  • Set expectations and priorities
  • Evaluate the student


For additional information on developing your internship, please see Company Internship Toolbox.


Post-Internship Phase

  • Evaluate the student and return appropriate forms to the faculty coordinator
  • Upon culmination of internship, celebrate their acheivement for completing experience 

End of Internship

  • Don’t view internship end as termination
  • Be thankful for the intern's contributions
  • Show your appreciation
  • The student is an ambassador for your company
  • Solicit their feedback / exit interview
  • Extend offer for permanent employment, if possible