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Pipeline to Health Sciences Careers

Science student

The Pipeline to Health Sciences Careers is a collaborative program between Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and Ohio State University (OSU) aimed at increasing opportunities for economically or educationally disadvantaged students to pursue professional degree programs in the health sciences (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, public health, etc.).

Full in-state tuition is granted for two years at CSCC and two years at OSU to students meeting academic milestones in the program.

Students selected for participation complete the first two years of their education at CSCC and the third and fourth years at OSU. Students will be expected to meet various milestones while in the program to ensure their academic and professional development.

During the first year in the program, students begin basic pre-health science coursework towards a life sciences major (e.g., biochemistry, biology, chemistry, health sciences, human nutrition, microbiology, molecular genetics, neuroscience, pharmaceutical sciences, pre-med physics, psychology, public health, zoology) and participate in experiences meant to aid their exploration of health science careers. Students will also attend a series of bi-monthly seminars led by OSU health sciences faculty that engage them in thinking about current issues in health.

Upon transfer to OSU, students are expected to declare their intent in a specific health science discipline. Research experiences with faculty mentors will be encouraged. In years three and four, students meet course requirements for the baccalaureate degree and prepare for application to the professional program. Throughout the program, students maintain a cumulative portfolio documenting experiences that contribute to their preparation for a career in the health sciences.

The Pipeline to Health Science Careers program is committed to providing students with an academic and co-curricular experience that will prepare them to enter a professional degree program in the health sciences.