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Political Science

Political Science

Food for thought: "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."
--Mark Twain

Political Science studies political institutions, principles, organizations, and methods of government. It also studies the distribution of power in groups, how authoritative decisions are made, and how group conflicts take shape and are resolved. Political Science studies human political behavior: what people think about political issues, how they act, who they hate or like, why they vote and participate in the political process


Why Study Political Science?

Political Science is a useful area of study for those wishing to become journalists, TV news reporters, and radio commentators. This discipline offers you an understanding not only in the political arena, but also the social, cultural and economic transformations that are taking place in the United States and the world today.

Political Science Course Descriptions

Columbus State offers these courses in Political Science.

Political Science Faculty

Robert J. Fitrakis
Jonathan Kreger

Career Opportunities in Political Science

Political Science careers outside of academics

  • Campaign Manager
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • Politician
  • Political Scientist
  • Pollsters
  • Radio Commentator
  • School Board Member
  • TV News Reporter

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