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Peter Karim Sesay

Peter Karim-SesayPeter Karim-Sesay

Assistant Professor of Sociology

339 Center for Technology and Learning
Phone: 614-287-2528
Fax: 614-287-5301


SOC 1101:  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1500:  Introduction to Rural Sociology
SOC 2202:  Social Problems


B.A. in Sociology/Environmental Science, University of Botswana
M.A. in International Development, Ohio University
Ph.D. in Rural Sociology, The Ohio State University

Research and other Interests

  1. Rural social institutions - economic and political structures of rural communities
  2. Peace, war and social conflict – the long term impact of conflict on social institutions
  3. Social capital - has to do with the connections among people in society. It includes social networks, community, civic participation, social trust, identity and sense of belonging.
  4. Environment and technology – impact of rapid technological change on the natural environment
  5. I also love playing tennis and hanging out with my Budgerigar parakeet called “Africa”